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Credit must be given where credit is due: it was Breguet who discovered that the dual movements in pocket watches not only synchronised with each other via mechanical resonance, they actually offset any variations from each other and enable more precise panerai radiomir replica time-keeping. But the challenge of putting this into a wristwatch was accepted only by Journe about 185 years later, when he was able to put together a functioning resonance watch in 1999.

Resonance occurs naturally; when an object or a body moves, it transmits a vibration to its environment. When another object or body picks up on this vibration at the same frequency, it absorbs its energy.Rolex Air king Replica In radio communication systems for example, transmitters and receivers use resonators to filter the frequencies of radio signals. When choosing a radio programme, all we’ll hear is crackle until the wavelengths meet those of the transmitters and begin resonating together.

In watchmaking, the theory is that if two independent movements are set side by side to each other, they will eventually vibrate in synchronisation in something we call locked harmonic oscillation, where two adjacent oscillating systems with the same natural frequency become aligned in their mutual environment, resulting in higher vibrational stability and energy efficiency.

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